The Earlens Light-Driven Hearing Aid

Direct Contact

Earlens directly vibrates the eardrum, allowing you to fit your patients with the broadest audible frequency range on the market (125-10,000 Hz).

Light Conduction

Earlens uses light to transmit sound, minimizing the traditional hearing aid feedback loop. You can give your patients the gain they need with a widely vented fit.

High Level Care

Earlens is only available through a team of ENT physician and Hearing Professional, ensuring your patients will receive high-level care from a multi-disciplinary team.

Clinical Data

The Full Spectrum of Sound

Earlens is unique and so is our clinical data. View our clinical data to see the benefits yourself. Since no hearing aid has ever delivered the high frequency audibility that Earlens can, we’ve gathered the most significant evidence on the benefits of these important frequencies.

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Hear what patients are saying about Earlens

  • Marty G.

    Marty G.

    “Earlens has changed my life dramatically. I go to social events more often now, because I know that I can follow conversations.”

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  • Carol L.

    Carol L.

    “Now I can hear what I really want to hear.”

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  • Richard H.

    Richard H.

    “I wore them in the cafeteria at work. With Earlens I had no trouble at all hearing everyone at the table clearly. It was amazing.”

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